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carpet cleaning services in New Windsor, Monroe & Poughkeepsie, NY

Exceptional carpet cleaning services since 1994

Classic Carpet Cleaners offers the local Hudson Valley Home Owners the best carpet cleaning service since 1994. We have been rated #1 in customer satisfaction for 7 straight years in a row by Orange & Duchess County Business Directory. Here at Classic Carpet Cleaners, we understand how quickly your carpets can become soiled and worn out in a busy household with children and pets. So, we are proud to offer our customers the best carpet cleaning service for their money using the highest quality shampoos and stain removers. Please call us today to get your free phone estimate, and find out what we can do for you to get everlasting beautiful carpet.

How to maintain long lasting beautiful clean carpets

First, we recommend that you vacuum your carpets as often as needed to remove the loose dirt that is tracked in from everyday life. Then either once a year or every 6 months have Classic Carpet Cleaners professionally wash and deep clean your carpets. By cleaning your carpets once a year, you have the advantage of having Classic Carpet Cleaners Soil Resistance Shampoo lengthen the life of your carpet, as well as having clean looking carpets year around. We are also the only company in the Hudson Valley who use high-quality detergents with optical brighteners and color stabilizers. Classic Carpet Cleaners is the only company to use Heavy Duty Commercial Extractors instead of cheap truck mount steam cleaners. Our carpet machines have 3 super powerful solution jets and a super fast rotary scrub brush that can scrub-out even the toughest stains. This is all complimented with a Super Strong 118" Water Lift, so you can count on your carpets being dry super-fast! Let us restore your carpets like new and call Classic Carpet Cleaners and see the difference from our competition.

Let us restore your carpets and make them look like new!


  • Pre-mature wear
  • Discoloration


  • Ugly traffic bars
  • Lanes from fiber sheering


  • Stains
  • Water damage


  • General dirt build up

* If you have busy household with children and pets on your carpets, we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least 2 times a year.

*Carpet Cleaning Prices*


Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning Combo Prices

Living Room/Dining Room combo (Average room size 10x12 or 12x14)$100 to $125
Living Room/Dining Room & Hallway$125 to $150
Living Room/Dining Room/Hallway & Steps$150 to $200
Living Room/Dining Room/Hallway/Steps & Bedroom (add $15-$20 each additional bedroom) $200 to $250
Living Room/Dining Room/Hallway/Steps/3-Bedroom & Playroom (bigger than 1 room)$250 to $300
*Prices vary according to how much stain remover is needed. All prices local for customers within 15 miles.

Individual Rooms & Areas

Nylon Area Rugs (up to 12x14, Non-wool shampoo used)$100
Single Playrooms, Studios or Dens (12x12, 14x14)$100
Stair Case with each Step Hand Scrubbed & Pre-treated$45
Steps & Landing with Pre-treatment$50
Hallways$10 to $20
Bedroom Central Path around the furniture$15 to $25
Empty Bedrooms with NO Furniture (for each, or service call charge of $100)$25 to $45
Scotch Guard for a Single Room$20 to $30
Bedroom with Carpet - Carpet Cleaning in New Windsor, Monroe & Poughkeepsie, NY
*For carpets that have specialty stains or are in a seriously deteriorated condition, we offer our Stain Removers at our cost of $10 per bottle. Classic Carpet Cleaners offers this with No Additional Mark-Up! Our service vans carry at least 5 different categories of stain Removers at all times. Everything from an Enzymatic to Red Dye Heat Transfer. So let our specially trained stain experts diagnose & remove your troubled stains.

Our 5 Star Standard Service Plan includes:

  • Full Deodorizing
  • Our High Quality Pro-Link Detergent
  • 1 Bottle of Stain Remover of choice

Our 5 Star Deluxe Service Plan includes:

  • Full Deodorizing
  • 2 Bottle of Stain Remover of choice
  • Our High Quality Pro-Link Detergent
  • Scotch Guarding
The minimum charge for Orange County Residences (surrounding counties vary due to time & travel distance) is $100 for our Standard Service Plan.

My carpets went from gross to FANTASTIC!!! I have 2 small children and 2 large dogs and Classic Carpet Cleaners was able to get my all of my carpets looking new again. They were very nice and extremely professional. Thank you so much Classic Carpet Cleaners!

- Diana B